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Karen Lee and Scott Andreae provide the artistic vision and talent to bring science together with design.

Jim Fenton
Jim embraced opportunity as an Artist in Residence at the Goldenrod Cottage. He committed himself to creating a body of work, over an extended period of time, at a site that has global significance for coastal shorebirds. His images are a life force of the Goldenrod Foundation website. We appreciate his skill, generosity, and artistry.

Other photographers whose images from Plymuth Beach appear on the website are:
Kim Botelho
Shawn Casey
Sidney Maddock

Rachel Lee Nichols

Christopher Dalton
Chris wrote most of the copy for the bird profiles in Birds of Plymouth Beach, combining extensive knowledge with site-specific experience and love of subject.

A number of scientists and partners contributed time and expertise as site reviewers. We appreciate their rigor, attention to detail, and focus on the big picture.

Trevor Lloyd Evans, PhD
Manomet Center for Conservation Sciences

Brian Harrington, PhD
Manomet Center for Conservation Sciences

Becky Harris, PhD
Coastal Waterbird Program
Mass Audubon

projectsgrantsbirds of plymouth beacharticles & resourcesabout uscontact us